tarot readers and healing justice resources

gloria anzaldua listening to a flower

taror readers/ intuitive counselors I love and respect:

Dori Midnight: My mentor, an incredible  queer disabled femme intuitive healer of mixed heritage. Skype and in person in Western MA.

Dacia Holliday:  High Moon Femme Tarot is a  tarot practice by this Native femme healer.

Root Sister Apothecary:  I met Mars at the AMC in 2015 and loved the way they practiced.  Black, queer, femme Southern tarot readings and herbs in Durham, NC.

Shaunga Tagore:  queer desi femme astrologer  and tarot practitioner based in Three Fires confederacy territories.

Temperence  Queer Tarot:   Cyree is a gifted intuitive whose bio speaks for themself: “Cyree Jarelle Johnson is an intuitive and mediumistic tarot card reader raised in the radical Black church tradition. They have been reading for others for the last fourteen years. Cyree practices a queer theory of tarot, which means they believe that the cards illustrate what gender, sexuality, and personhood looked like in a time before christian supremacy. They believe that tarot gives those who have been systematically isolated from spirituality, family, and community a chance to engage ecstatically with the divine, with themselves, with ancestors, and other powers in the universe. To them, is both a tool for introspection and for world building.”

Tiny Lantern Tarot: Carly is a gifted white fat queer nonbinary femme doing in-person readings in Toronto.

Healing justice resources:

http://www.justhealing.wordpress.com: This website was born out of the 2012 Allied Media Conference Healing Justice Practice Space, but has grown up to have a lot of resources, including our How to Hold a Healing Practice Space guide and many Black Lives Matter specific healing justice resources and this: https://justhealing.wordpress.com/legacy/ timeline of HJ organizing.

http://thirdroot.org/: healing justice clinic and collective in Brooklyn, NY

http://www.kindredhealingjustice.org/: the Southern Black and brown queer healing justice collective that started it all

http://www.adakuutah.com/: website of Adaku Utah, queer Nigerian healer, witch, creator of Beatbox Botanicals and Harriet’s Apothecary.

https://badassvisionaryhealers.wordpress.com/, the website of the Badass Visionary Healers/ Healing Babes for Justice, a healing justice collective I was part of from 2010-2014, with much writing, HJ principles, links and history.

http://sagecommunityhealth.org/, website of Sage Community Health Center of Chicago, IL, with many amazing and important blog posts and offerings.

http://thelivingroomproject.tumblr.com/: website of the late, great healing justice center created by Micah Hobbes Frazier, in West Oakland, CA

http://goodfightherbco.com: website of Lauren Giambrone’s social justice herbalist practice

http://yogamaya.wordpress.com/: Yashna Maya Padamsee’s healing justice yoga website.

http://nishaahuja.com/: Toronto based queer desi healer Nisha Ahuja’s website.

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