Testimonials and reviews

12189366_10154267647973056_1626871187316559375_o (1)“I recommend Brownstargirl Tarot with all of my being. Back in 2008 I was going through some of my darkest moments.  More than four years later, I am still reflective with a heart full of gratitude for Brownstargirl Tarot. I wasn’t expecting a transformational experience. I had been weary of getting my cards read by others, but with Leah it felt right. This was the first reading I’ve had done by anyone. Unexpectedly, Leah and her tarot cards were one of the major support beams that kept me breathing. From the deck that Leah uses to the knowledge she holds & everything in between, I experienced a breakthrough of light when it felt like I’d forever be in a tunnel of darkness.

If I could change anything, I would have written down everything that Leah shared in the reading. Regardless, I still hold with me the sunbeams of light that Leah and her cards provided me. If you’re feeling called to, I highly encourage you to follow your heart & connect with Brownstargirl Tarot. Leah makes the readings accessible by being available in person, on Skype, on the phone or on gchat and a sliding scale for monetary payment. If you leave feeling a fraction of the gratitude I still feel, you’ll be glad your intuition led you to Leah.”

– J.T., Oakland

“I HIGHLY ENDORSE LEAH FOR TAROT! She has rocked my world on a million occasions and also uses the Collective Tarot which is the most beautiful and multi-people inclusive deck I’ve ever seen. She’s able to tune into what is going on with your life and also breaks things down in a way that makes sense.

I’m also very inquisitive by nature so I ask a bunch of clarifying questions and she is very patient and sweet about her explanations. I still remember the time she pulled the Disaster card for me–literally the next day my GF dumped me. I didn’t see it coming but Leah did!

Also during a really tumultuous summer she pulled the Strength card in one of my readings that that image as she described it to me–Emma Goldman staring into the face of a lion–stuck with me during some difficult times.

But don’t think LLPS only predicts difficulty, I always feel empowered and have a lot of fun with my readings from her.”

– B, Brooklyn NY

“In a very short 90 minutes, Leah was able to synthesize what felt like a lot of chaos in my life, as well as provide me with some specific advice on how to tackle it. leah was so intuitive and tuned into my question. and funny!! i laughed the hardest when i was being scolded. i hope this is the first of many readings to come!”

– Billie, Seattle, WA

“Leah is totally intuitive and explains everything in a clear, easy to understand format, welcoming questions along the way. She combines her intuitive skills with her talents as a life coach, grounded the entire time in her politic of radical, holistic wellness. As a fellow queer South Asian who has felt distanced from my people’s cultural traditions of numerology and astrology due to abuse within my own family and due to appropriation/exotification of these practices by non-South Asians, I really appreciated Leah’s numerology and tarot readings on multiple levels. She took her time, delving into the reading, and allowed time for me to stop her and take notes along the way so that I’d have them for reference later. I appreciated that she delivered a reading on multiple levels: exploring my core personality, explaining patterns last year, this year, and next year, and predicting patterns that I would experience in the next six weeks to three months. I highly recommend Brownstargirl Tarot!”

Amita, Los Angeles, CA

“Leah is AMAZING. Even through the (admittedly magical) channel of Skype, her warmth, compassion, and humor shined through the screen and into my heart. I asked a pretty broad question, and received such a detailed, nuanced answer that also respected my own identity and how I move in community. Cannot recommend her highly enough!”

-Marie, Staten Island, CA

“Your tarot card readings literally changed my life and I still think about things you said even years later. thank you!”- t.b.d.

there’s literally no words for the gratitude I have for you reading my tarot and holding space for me these last couple of years. “-  l.g.

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