Code of ethics

C13012756_10153865085022415_354799823521913578_nonfidentiality: I keep everything shared with my in session confidential. I debrief with my mentor once a month, but I do not share names or personal details. The only exception to this  rule is if you talk about hurting yourself or others, in which case I’ll work with you to create a plan to make sure you’re safe and held.

In the rare occasion that I feel like I am not able to read for you effectively, I will refund you your payment.

I reserve the right to cancel a session if a client uses abusive or oppressive language or if I feel uncomfortable with a client. In these cases, I retain payment.

I do not become sexually involved with my clients.

I am not responsible for acts of god(dess), electrical storms that knock out WiFi or the phone, etc

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

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