new hours and exciting new mentorship. also, happy fall equinox and rosh hashanah

hye loves,

happy new moon, new year, time of harvest, fuck yeahI

I have two exciting announcements.  First, I am thrilled to begin being mentored by the one and only Dori Midnight, and am feeling really grateful to be in intuitive community with a queer chronically ill Native/Roma/Jewish witch and healer who I have so much respect for and have already learned so much from.  There is a lot of isolation in the politicized QTPOC healing/woo world- we’re all still finding each other, a lot of the time, seems like- and I am excited to be able to be in a position of learning and support to my practice.

Second (and inspired by our talks about magical boundaries) starting basically today, my new hours are Thursday, 10 AM-8 PM EST, and Friday, 10 AM-6 pm EST. This is true for in person, Skype and phone readings. If you can’t make those dates (you’re in town just for the weekend, have a work commitment, etc) feel free to email me at and I’ll see if we can work something out.

sending love for a sweet time of harvesting what we’ve sown, ending and burning down what is half dead, and eating the sweet fruits of our labour.




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  1. Wow you and Dori Midnight doin it together!!! That’s a beautiful thing xxxx

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