still here

12486010_10154420866708056_1208730766295518390_othis is just a brief note to say:

I’m in awe of all my clients and their bravery, their standing at the crossroads, their magical lust for life, their survival.

I’m all set up in my office on a magic wooded street cupped by streams, in Rainier Valley/ Mt Baker, South Seattle, unceded Duwamish territories.

My dedicated client day is Friday, from 11-7 PM PST. You can email me at to request an appointment. I do Skype and in person.

I take payment plans.

I know mercury is in retrograde in mars conjunct scorpio, so please feel free to call up and get some psychic tarot card reader assistance ūüėČ

I also have a new advice column,Ask Shark Mom. ¬†Email with you ¬†questions, and they’ll be answered live on LuluNation and Crew Radio Show on Hollow Earth Radio every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 7:10 PM PST, and posted at¬†soon after.

I love being a healer. Thank you for healing with me


and go listen to Akua Naru live:  





stream by my front door:





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