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banners, Blockorama Toronto, 2016, quote by Octavia Butler

I offer sliding scale because my poor and working class clients are my favorites and everyone deserves to access healing. And, if you have access to cash wealth, I love and appreciate folks who help create economic justice by paying more. Here’s an article I like examining some ways sliding scale can work. If you are cash poor and need a payment plan, please email. I am not able to accept barter at this time.


quickie: 4 cards, $30-60, 30 minutes.

full spread: full Ceylon Cross spread plus maybe more, $60-$200, 60-90 minutes.

deeper dive: want to get yourself a reading a month for three months post a breakup, move, life transition, birth (of a child or a project), commitment?  $150-500. Give yourself the gift of steady healing.

please email me at brownstargirlnew@gmail.com to set up an appointment.

Payment options: I accept Paypal, Venmo, cash and checks.  Please send money to brownstargirl@gmail.com ay either of those online payment options. For Canadian clients, unfortunately, Interac Direct Transfer doesn’t work for me. Please mark the payment as  “to friends and family,” and make the payment in U.S. dollars

If you are paying by check or money order, please email me beforehand to get my name and address. If we’re working in person, I also love cash!

Locations: I am available for in person readings at my home offices in Duwamish territories/ South Seattle, and I also read when I’m able when I travel.  My home office has six steps to enter  and is low fragrance (people sometimes burn sage, but that’s it.)

If you are meeting me at my house, I ask that you come fragrance free (no perfume, cologne, or essential oils, Febreeze, fabric softener or other fragrances. I have fibromyalgia and are moderately chemically sensitive and will get sick if someone shows up wearing a lot of perfume.  More information about how to be fragrance free, including POC product recommendations, can be found here.

If my office isn’t accessible to you, I can meet you at a cafe or do a Skype/ phone reading. I love doing phone and Skype readings, and have done successful distance readings for people all over the world.

Questions? Want to book me?  Email me at brownstargirnewl@gmail.com

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