brownstargirl tarot is a sex worker positive business! happy international sex workers’ rights day!

It’s International Sex Workers Rights Day!  Founded  in 2001 by DMSC, a sex workers union in Calcutta with 50,000 members, workers from all over the world and especially the Global South use this day to raise voices against the oppression faced by sex workers by governments, fucked up colonial laws, cops, courts and the criminal legal syStand-With-Monica-Jones-web-lrg1stem. I love and respect and learn from the sex workers who are and have been my lovers and friends and comrades with a full heart, and I support the international call by sex workers, predominantly sex workers who are Black/Indigenous/POC from the Global South, for decriminalization and workers rights as the best ways for workers to control their lives with safety, dignity and respect. If you are in Canada, please check out organizations like Maggies and the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, POWER and Stella for important information about how Bill C 36 deeply increases the dangers workers face, and about the organizing against it.

One of my best friends who is a worker has shared with me that she often feels like no one talks about sex workers rights and oppressions and issues besides other sex workers. Since she shared that with me, I have worked to be a non-sex worker who speaks up about whorephobia and sex worker organizing as a supporter whenever I can.

In this light, I want to affirm: Brownstargirl Tarot is a sex worker loving business! What this means for me is:

  • My already high levels of confidentiality with clients extends even more so to clients of mine who are sex working. You can talk as much (or as little) as you want about work, community, relationships with clients and other workers, how you’re feeling about working, and I will keep everything you share absolutely confidential.
  • I do not keep detailed client notes in writing or electronically. I am happy to omit any knowledge about your work from the basic client records I maintain.
  • I am non judgmental and sex worker positive! Whatever you’re feeling about the business and wherever you’re at- loving it, mixed or wanting to transition to other work, I will listen to you from a perspective that honors your experience and centers your own genius to make the right decisions for you. I will never shame you for any choice you are making.
  • I am committed to listening and learning about sex work communities, struggles and issues. I am committed to fighting whorephobia and to supporting the genius sex worker organizers in my family and community. I work to show up for the sex workers in my life as a comrade, support person and a person who helps out at the 12/17 rally. I am always open to learning more how I can best support you.
  • I understand that sex work and sex workers are not a monolith, that there are huge differences in experience based on race, gender, geographic region, trans ness, class, documentation, age and ability.

Finally, I would like to link to Every Ho I Know Says So, a sweet, captioned in English video made by a lovely friend and comrade, where sex workers give advice to their lovers and friends about how to support them:

and to the following interview with Black trans sex work activist Monica Jones, who just beat her case and helped get Project Rose, the terrible, punitive, “sex work conversion” project in Arizona, shut down!

In love and with bright hopes for sex worker liberation in our lifetimes,



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