we begin by listening

Cranky, compassionate intuitive counseling by a queer, cis femme of color with a chronic illness and a brokeass background who understands systemic oppression

About me and my practice:IMG_4930

I’m an intuitive healer who began practicing divination in 1994. I carry a gift my mom and her mom had, of intuition and being able to see. My mom raised me to know that listening deeply was just another thing that people could do, and comes from a tradition of tough ladies who survived by their sixth sense. As a young, queer cis femme of colour survivor of violence, I started reading tarot cards and practicing numerology for myself and friends as a form of guidance and healing. I’ve also been honored to offer intuitive counseling at CUAV’s Safetyfest and the Allied Media Conference’s Healing Justice practice space, as well as in my private practice.

Tarot is a set of cards used for divining the future that were probably developed by Roma people (who are mixed North Indian and Eastern European.) The Tarot deck consists of four minor suits, corresponding to earth/the physical, fire/energy and passion, air/the mind and water/emotions and love (with many permutations within) and one major suit; the major suit, known as the Major Arcana, traces all the possibilities of a life from conception to revolutionary satisfaction.

I believe that intuition and divination are tools that oppressed and resisting people have always used, that they are a form of power that nobody can take away from us. I believe, as Octavia Butler said, the god is change, and that the way we pray is by trying to shape god as skillfully as possible. I don’t believe that the future is already written. I believe that we write it with our actions every day.

My readings are grounded in healing justice movement, anti-ableism, anti-colonialism, brokeass love and queer of color femmeinism. I work with everyone, but have a special love for queer femmes of color, working-class and poor folks, sick and disabled geniuses, crazy folks, Indigenous and people of color and all kinds of queer and trans and Two Spirit folks. My readings use tarot, intuition, somatic grounding and/or numerology to share wisdom at the kitchen table.

I don’t offer a reading where I tell you, “You’re going to meet a tall, dark stranger at 7-11 next Tuesday who will change your life.” What I offer is an intuitive reading that can clarify what’s going on in your life, how your past history, legacies and choices are affecting your current decisions, and  what your sources of strength and options are as you move into your future. If you have questions about lovers, healing, money, moving, destiny, work, school, depression, big or little life decisions- or if all hell is breaking loose in your life – tarot can help you figure out what is going on. As a disabled  working-class-raised queer cis femme feminist of color, I look at how the realities and legacies of trauma, abuse and oppression can affect the options you choose as you work towards freeing yourself and creating your life, as well as how our ancestors, communities and genius individual survival strategies can be resources for you.

I am available for in person readings in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also love doing phone and Skype readings, and have done successful distance readings for people all over the world.  I am occasionally available for in person readings when I travel.

I use the Collective Tarot (http://thecollectivetarot.blogspot.com/) an amazing deck grounded in people of color, poor and working class, sex working,  queer and gendervariant, disabled and other communities.

Questions? Want to book me? Email brownstargirl@gmail.com

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha


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